Why You Need Google Analytics & How To Set it Up

Why you need Google Analytics


Google Analytics allows you to track and understand your customers behaviour, giving you valuable insights that will help shape your strategy. Whether you have an online blog or e-commerce site, you will want to understand your customers so you can perform better. Google Analytics can help understand and monitor a variety of things:


  • Where customers came from
  • Geographic & demographics of your customer
  • What search terms brought in traffic
  • Create and track campaigns 
  • Analyzing your competition 
  • Why customers may be leaving your site
  • Which social platforms to target
  • Understanding the type of content to create


These are some of the key points that it will help you out with. Literally anyone can benefit from using Google Analytics. At this point, there should be no doubt about whether or not you should go ahead and set it up so lets run through some simple steps to help you get started. 


How to set up Google Analytics 


Google Analytics can seem like a completely different language when starting out, the app literally speaks in coding. However, once you get the hang of it you’ll be an expert! Because it can be so tricky, it puts a lot of people off setting it up or ever using it which is where this blog will come in handy. 


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