Tips To Create The Best Brand Logo

Creating a brand logo is hard. It’s the first point of contact with your consumers. It’s what people think of when they think of your brand. It’s essentially the face of your brand! You want the logo to stand out, be different, be vibrant, be memorable and be YOU. Your logo becomes iconic when thinking about your business. When you think about Apple or Nike, the first thing you think about isn’t their product, it’s the logo. This is why it’s essential to get it right. 

We have curated some top tips to remember when creating your brand logo  






It’s hard these days to create something that is truly unique. However, comparing it to your competitors logos is essential in ensuring your brand identity is completely different, innovative and non-comparable. The last thing you want is being compared to your competitors and consumers not being able to tell the difference. 






This is probably the most important! There is nothing worse than a confusing and busy logo that you have no idea what’s going on. Sometimes less is more and simplicity in a logo can look professional and elegant. Again, successful brands such as the ones mentioned previously or Twitter and Facebook have simple logos that are now recognised worldwide and are iconic. Keep it simple, trust us it’ll work!






Ensuring your logo isn’t completely random is very important, keeping it coherent with the rest of your business is essential. 






Colour is so important when branding your business and telling a story. The psychology of colours and emotions it brings out in people is always one to remember. If you want to provoke feelings of love then bring warm colours like reds, pinks and oranges. There is a reason that Tinders branding is red! Pick one or two colours and use these throughout all of your branding. 






There is no harm in asking! Ask friends, family, potential customers and even people you don’t know what they think of your logos. This is so you can get a true representation of what people like! What you might like, might not be other people’s cup of tea. Ensuring others like your logo is really important when branding your business as you want consumers to like the look of your brand from the get go!


Your logo will be on every single marketing material for your brand – social, website, flyers, posters, business cards. The list goes on. Just remember to keep these tips in mind and chose a logo that is optimized across your online and offline platforms. Look better than your competition and be unforgettable. 

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